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Independence Christmas Walk – Facebook Page

The Independence Christmas Walk has a group page on facebook for members of that social community. Pictures, videos of christmas walks in the past, updates, schedules, and conversations leading up to the event.
All are welcome to join this facebook group and becoming a member is simple. Facebook is also a great way to communicate with friends and family along with keeping up with local happenings in your area. A diverse social format that provides the ability to find people you haven’t spoken to in years, find school classmates, people that you’ve met over time that also participate in this global format.
Facebook Page for the Independence Christmas Walk
Pictures can be seen on links provided on this website without having to become a member as the progression of this site adds content. This is a community based website that was created for the benefit of the city of Independence and their residents. This is an open invitation for surrounding communities to enjoy this event and provide a great christmas experience for those who attend.
 We also would like to encourage participation in the creation of this website by adding pictures or videos of the event whether it be on the facebook group page or on this website. The creation of this website is to provide the prior years of this event the ability to be viewed by others, what it was like downtown along with the current location of the christmas walk.
Facebook, along with websites such as these provide the opportunity of limited venues  advertising don’t provide most times, and give recognition to let others know the event exists.
It also creates the ability to provide for those who cannot attend the Independence Christmas Walk for whatever reason, including those of physical disability that would like to see from the comfort of their home what this great event is all about.
Many memories for others who do attend will view this website to recapture the good times had and we hope that others will be willing to experience this event in the times to come.

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